Spongy Moth, Formerly Gypsy Moth, Season Starts Soon

Deborah McCullough, Julie Crick, Mallory Marienfeld, Michigan State University Extension; and James Wieferich, Michigan Department of Natural Resources - May 11, 2022

If your area experienced an outbreak of spongy moth, formerly gypsy moth, last summer, you may want to visit the newly revised Michigan State University Extension Spongy Moth website with information on what to expect this summer and what you can do to protect your trees.


Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association's Community Landscape Beautification Awards Program

Deadline to submit projects: July 1, 2022

The “Community Landscape Beautification Awards Program” recognizes outstanding communities for their excellence in improving the physical and aesthetic environment of their neighborhoods and raises the awareness of the positive economic growth and environmental impacts that quality landscaping brings to Michigan’s communities. These projects are designed to enhance the visual image of the neighborhoods, improve livability, build civic pride and promote community spirit.